ZU irie nanako

About ZU

What I draw is like a ZU -a graphic explanation- rather than a picture. It’s like I just copy out the elements in my head. When the unnecessary elements increases too much inside, it is troublesome as there lacks the space for other thoughts that I need to have for working normally, talking to people normally, or living normally. Then, when I’ve got too much elements there, drawing them out is very helpful. And I can move on again. When bringing the elements out, I try to trace them as accurately as I can. Staring them carefully in my head, not going through the “parts for thinking” of my head, linking the inside of my head to my arm with a pen on its tip, I just trace them. Though it’s like dirt which is brought to outside from necessity, I feel like some parts of me are somehow saved when someone says “want to see more.”




Kotaro Abe / Copy Writer

作品を生み出す人は 脳みそをグチャグチャにしてこねくりだすのに、
イリエさんは逆に脳みそをスッキリさせるために作品を生み出すという。 そんな作品たちは僕の気持ちまでグチャグチャにする。

Daigo Matsui / Film Director